Thanks to a suggestion from the team, we added Hashprice to

Here is the definition of hashprice according to Willy Woo:

Hash Price is revenue generated by miners on a per tera-hash basis.

Hashprice is calculated like this:

Hash Price = Miners daily revenue / Hashes (TH) per day

How Bitbo is Calculating Hash Price

The first data point we need, is Miners daily revenue.

The miners daily revenue is easy to calculate and includes two parts.

1) The value of the block reward and 2) The value of transaction fees

To calculate the USD value of the block subsidy, we use the following equation:

Blocks Mined (24hrs) * Block Subsidy Value (USD) = Miner revenue from subsidy

Once we get miner revenue from subsidy we need to get the miner revenue from fees.

To do this, we use the following:

Total Fees (24hrs) * Bitcoin Price = Miner revenue from fees

Multiplying the BTC earned by miners over the last 24 hours times the price will give the USD value of the fees earned over last 24 hours.

Once this is done we just add Miner revenue from fees + Miner Revenue from Subsidy.

This gives us the exact Miners Daily Revenue.

Bringing in Network Hashrate

Now we need to divide the Miners Daily Revenue by the hash rate of the network.

Miners Daily Revenue / Hash Rate (24hrs)

Our data is in PH/s, so once we run this we convert this to TH/s and this is the data displayed.

Want More Stats?

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